About the Firm

In 2001, founders Tom Bois & Jim Macdonald left a large international law firm to start a boutique law practice committed to taking a practical, businesslike approach to solving businesses’ problems. We still share that commitment:

  • We provide practical business solutions to our clients' legal problems. Our attorneys are skilled and tenacious advocates, but we recognize that the most aggressive (and expensive) approach may not be the best solution to a client’s problem. In every matter we handle we identify the client's primary business objective and then find and implement a solution to meet that objective.
  • We learn our clients’ business and industry. We know that context is important. We take the time to learn the business environment in which our clients operate so that the advice we provide fits the client.
  • We are responsive. We recognize that we are in the client service business. We know that many businesses’ legal problems arise without much prior warning and require an immediate response, so we are highly accessible to our clients. We return calls and E-mails quickly, and we are available around the clock as necessary.
  • We respect our clients' time. We know our clients are busy and must manage many challenges simultaneously, so we do our best to avoid last minute surprises. We meet deadlines, and we communicate with clients efficiently in plain English.
  • We help our clients avoid legal problems. We think the lawsuit that was never filed is a better win for our client than a defense verdict after a long and costly trial. We provide thoughtful advice and counsel to our clients designed to anticipate and prevent claims and lawsuits, government investigations, and to support business risk management.
  • Because of our deep knowledge and experience, we are economical. Instead of trying to be all things to a client, we offer deep and broad knowledge and experience in the areas of the law we know best. We get to the point quickly and our clients do not have to pay for a learning curve.

We represent a wide range of businesses ranging from small family partnerships, trusts, regional businesses and multi-national corporations. Our clients include businesses in the automotive, banking, construction, electronics, health care, hospitality, insurance, legal and professional services, manufacturing, mining, oil & gas, real estate, retail, technology, transportation, and wholesale and distribution industries, as well as non-profit organizations.

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